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Empactful Capital Care Continuity

Care Continuity is a care coordination solutions provider. We partner with hospital systems and physician led accountable care organizations (ACO’s) to help eliminate the gaps in care that too often lead to unnecessary suffering for patients, avoidable hospital readmissions and ED visits, increased medical errors, and higher costs.

Empactful Capital Clutch

Clutch provides technology that connects customers to brands with exceptional, personalized marketing at scale. Since 2012, the team has invested in research and development to become a future-proof solution for any type of business serving any type of customer in any part of the world.

Empactful Capital Owl

Organizations rely on Owl to expand access to care, improve clinical outcomes, and prepare for value-based care. Makes measurement-based care easy to engage patients, optimize treatment, improve care, reduce clinician burden, and capture data to optimize business performance.

Empactful Capital Veda

Veda  solutions enable organizations to dramatically reduce overhead costs by automating complex business rules for data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL); creating a simplified and streamlined experience for everyone—from the data entry specialist to the end customer.

Empactful Capital innovaTel

innovaTel relies on its clinical background to foster compassionate partnerships with organizations and telepsychiatry providers to improve access to behavioral health care and ultimately improve patient outcomes.
*Acquired by Quartet Health

Empactful Capital Kermit

Kermit is an analytics platform that delivers insight to the fragmented spend category of physician preference items. Kermit equips supply chain managers, surgeons and executives with real-time data on implantable medical device transactions, offering unprecedented visibility that’s saving hospitals millions of dollars.

Empactful Capital Perspecta

With a portfolio powered by AI and machine learning, Perspecta is reimagining provider data management. Through deep domain expertise and a spirit of innovation, they accelerate the transformation of provider network management, delivering value to providers, consumers, and partners.
*Acquired by 5th Century Partners

Empactful Capital Amava

Amava was a member-centric organization dedicated to keeping people active and socially engaged. The company offered an online platform that enabled individuals to look for opportunities to work, volunteer, and learn though virtual experiences. Amava worked with employers, healthcare organizations, and consumers directly. Amava’s assets were acquired by OnBalance Health in late 2022 as part of OnBalance’s company launch and seed stage round.

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